IMT 13 Bids Goodbye (Exit call) in Sarangani

The International Monitoring Tea (IMT) Mindanao Mission 13, led by Malaysian Dato Haji Mohd Bin Haji Mami, made their exit call in Barangay Daliao, Maasim, Saranggani Province for the Southern Mindanao Front on March 02, 2019. 

He congratulated the Bangsamoro people and the Bangsamoro Government for passing the Bangsamoro Organic Law with an overwhelming result. 

He extended his felicitations to Southern Mindanao Front Commander H. Abdulazis M. Esmael, also known as Commander Jordan, for being appointed as one of the members of the first Bangsamoro Parliament. 

"Please remember that success cannot be done overnight, it takes time", the Malaysian peace monitoring contingent said. He asked the people to give the Bangsamoro leaders time citing, “because they are not politicians and that they are revolutionaries and don't have experiences in governance.” 

"The enemy will not come from the outside, it will come from the inside", Haji Mami added, and cited that those are the people who made petition against the RA 11054 and the ones who have been complaining.

 "The BOL needs full support from the people. Unite and focus. Give full support to the BOL and your leaders", he appealed and stressed that the "Failure of the Bangsamoro Government is failure of all, not a failure of the MILF."

The IMT Mission 13 is scheduled to depart on March 14, the same day where the new IMT mission group will arrive. 

He said, "It is easier to say welcome than to say goodbye. Some of our actions may have hurt some of you in the process, and on behalf of our team, we ask for forgiveness. 

“In shaa Allaah, when we come back here, the Bangsamoro is already progressive", Haji Mohd Bin Haji Mami said as he ended his speech. 

Commander Jordan, also extended his congratulations and gratitude to the IMT Mindanao Mission 13 , especially to HOM Dato Haji Mohd Bin Haji Mami, for fulfilling their duties and for helping the Bangsamoro people all throughout the peace process. 

"It was not your duty to settle rido in the areas, but you did it for the sake of the Bangsamoro and we thank you for that", Al Haj Jordan said. 

"We are appealing to everybody to help us in shaping the Bangsamoro Government because this is still our obligation, this is still part of our Jihad,” Commander Jordan said.

The BTA cannot do it alone. We need you even if you are not included in the BARMM territory because we are all Bangsamoro" the Southern Mindanao Front Commander added. 

"We were chosen by our leaders to be a part of the BTA. It was not really our choice, but we are thankful for the chance given to serve you, not only in the revolutionary struggle, but also in this level of struggle through halal governance," he said. 

Commander Jordan said that he can write recommendations for employment for aspirants based on merit and qualifications stated in the RA 11054 and the Civil Service Commission. 

"But I cannot guarantee it because it will go through screening to make sure that only those qualified will be hired kasi tayo rin ang masisira", Commander Jordan added.