Young Bangsamoro professionals attend next generation academy programme in Turkey

Ankara, Turkey, March 21, 2019- Eleven (11) Young Bangsamoro Professionals were sent to Ankara, Turkey to participate in the “Yeni Nesil Akademisi (Next Generation Academy)” Program from March 16-24, 2019 hosted by the Institute of Strategic Thinking headed by its President Muhammet Savas? Kafkasyal?.

This activity aims to draw students from Turkey’s related communities to learn different valuable topics that will enable them to impart to their respective homelands. The programme includes lectures on Global System and the Future of the World; Turkish Foreign Policy; Cultural and Traditional Programmes; Turkish-Southeastern Asia Relations; Human Rights; Social Media; Self-improvement and Leadership. The participants will also have the opportunity to visit at Istanbul, Turkey.

As young professionals representing the Bangsamoro people, the programme will inculcate to them new learnings that can be an instrument in pushing up the Bangsamoro Aspirations. 

These young Bangsamoro delegates include: Marjani Macasalong, Zubair Guiaman, Khairuddin Midtimbang, Hamodi Tiboron, Jordan Juanday, Amenodin Samporna, Jamienshary Andal, Hasmiene Ibrahim, Wafa Esmail, Sheryan Guialel, Hanadi Nul, and Manal Sugadol. 

Marjani Mimbantas, a youth leader, who is a member of Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) is part of the Moro delegation was not able to participate in this activity due to the Oath Taking Ceremony of the BTA members.

The main organizers of this program that facilitated the programme were the Moro International Student Association in Turkey (MISA) headed by its President Muhammad Ameen Abbas along with External Vice President Datu Abdulshattar  Esmael Zailon II, and Internal Vice President, Esmail A. Sumagka.

The delegates together with other Turkish Academic Institutions committed to render necessary services for the progress and development of the Bangsamoro.