Equal Access International - Philippines hosts 1st UP2YOUTH Tech Camp on Engaging University Influencers in Mindanao

COTABATO CITY - The Equal Access International (EAI) - Philippines kicked off today, March 25, its first Up2Youth Tech Camp for University Influencers in Mindanao. 

The thirty (30) University Influencers-participants came from different provinces and regions of Southern Philippines, and the camp will last until March 29 at the Chali Beach Resort, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City.

This year marks the full implementation of major activities, including the Tech Camp.

The five-day Tech Camp training event aims to capacitate young peace influencers with the necessary skills to create powerful, credible, culturally relevant alternative narratives to promote community resilience, inter-group dialogue, and civic empowerment in target communities. 

It also aims to foster development essential skills and leadership through practical sessions on public speaking, digital storytelling, podcast production, blogging, advocacy, and social media tools, as well as drivers to violent extremism, issue mapping, and project planning.

After the Tech Camp, participants are expected to connect and work with their local #OURmindaNOW messaging hubs in their respective regions. 

The #OURmindaNOW messaging hubs serve as a virtual platform for amplifying peace-promoting messaging, campaigns, and success stories. 

The participants will also be connected to hub-related community radio stations, which will produce segments covering their work at the community level. The Tech Camp alumni will have the option to pitch stories and co-produce media segments for broadcast.

Equal Access International-Philippines is a non-profit organization supporting vulnerable countries and communities to drive social change by providing critically needed information and education by combining interactive media programming with direct community mobilization activities. EAI Philippines envisions empowered communities that will sustain lasting peace in Mindanao.