Be magnanimous in victory

In the Philippines, elections for the members of Congress and local positions – except barangay officials – occur every second Monday of May every third year, and presidential and vice presidential elections occur every second Monday of May every sixth year. The terms of office of all elected officials, except those at the barangay level, start and end on June 30 of the election year.

That there will be winners and losers in elections is inevitable.  For instance, regardless of the number of the candidates who vie for the respective positions, there are only twelve slots for senators for the whole country, one slot for provincial governors and vice governors for every province, one slot for mayors and vice mayors for each municipality or city and other pre-determined number of slots for other elective positions.  

This being so, what must the winners do and so with the losers?  The winners must strive hard to be true to their promises to the people during the campaign period.  Anyway, no one runs for an elective position only for his or her own interest but to serve their constituencies.

For the losers, they must find some ways to let the people know and feel their presence by befriending them even before the start of the campaign period for the May 9, 2022 national and local elections.

The elected officials should bear in mind that their constituencies are not only those who voted for them last May 13 but even those who did not, provided that they are residents of their respective jurisdictions.  Basic government services must be delivered to one and all.

Be magnanimous in victory.

As one Australian lawyer and writer once said:

“Violence isn’t a proper response to losing an election, and using the law to coerce one’s political enemies isn’t a proper response to winning one.”