Info & photo courtesy of Kasan Usop Jr.

Muslim youth group hosts Muhadharah Islamiya

The Muslim Youth Religious Organization Inc. (MYROi) hosted Muhadharah Islamiyya (Islamic lecture) on Sunday (May 19) aimed to discuss challenging issues affecting the young Muslims in the country and learn the Islamic point of view on those concerns.

The activity was held at the MYROi office at Cotabato City participated by the officers and members of the organization and other invited Muslim youth. 

 A prominent Aleem, Dr. Muhammad Nadheer Ebil, was the resource person.

He tackled the history some youths who played important roles in the success of Islamic struggle during the time of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.).

The lecturer emphasized the characteristics and behaviour of youths that could make them either failure or successful in life.

Dr. Ebil underscored important characters of a faithful Muslim such as being patient, kind, forgiving, helpful and most important of all being God-fearing.

He also pointed out the essence of seeking knowledge on Islam in order to be guided in the right path.

The resource person further urged the participants to veer away from the ideology of extremism which can put anyone engaged with it to trouble.

Dr. Ebil emphasized the basic teaching of Islam which is to promote peace and to do good and forbid evil.

During the open forum, the participants asked about the manner of performing salah while travelling, Islam’s ruling on LGBT and about Salafism.

MYROi is an active non-governmental organization whose mission is to capacitate human resources as a catalyst in the attainment of sustainable peace and development for the establishment of humane society.