BARMM-MENRE remits more than 200 Million Pesos to the Regional Treasury

Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao — Since Abdulraof A. Macacua, the Minister of the Environment, Natural Resources and Energy, took over the leadership of the former ARMM-DENR, now BARMM-MENRE, on March 1, 2019, the environmental agency has already remitted PHP 207,010,832.00 to the BARMM Regional Treasury.

According to a report by MENRE online page on June 13, 2019, the mentioned 200 million-worth collectibles of the ENRE Ministry are from the mining fees (e.g. regional wealth tax, OTPs, and MOEPs) and other fees that include certification, verification and Certificate of Non-Coverage fees among others.

Minister Macacua stresses that one of his primary goals as the leader of the new and evolving BARMM-MENRE is to foster moral governance alongside environmental protection, said the MENRE report.

“Environmental protection is a must for us working in the Ministry. That’s already a given,” Macacua said.

“However, more than that, moral and good governance should also be focused on by the seated Bangsamoro leaders,” he added.

In a short period of time — less than four (4) months — it is important to note that the Ministry has already been able to remit over 200 million Pesos worth of collectibles to the Office of the Regional Treasury-   BARMM.

For the past years, the ENRE agency is one of the highest remitting agencies in the entire Bangsamoro region; and Minister Macacua commits to continue adhering to its overall mandates, including the proper remittance of its collectibles.

“As we continue working towards a much better Bangsamoro, we must bear in mind the morality that we need to instill in our forms of governance,” Minister Macacua said.