Minister Iqbal clarifies on allegations of ‘Work force of MBHTE LDS 1’ on the designation of Mangata-Noor as Focal Person

COTABATO CITY – In a media advisory released Monday, July 1, Minister Mohagher Iqbal of the Minster of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) clarified the issues surrounding the designation of Aleida Nameera P. Mangata-Noor as Focal Person of Lanao del Sur Division 1 without observing the merit base on her appointment

In a statement posted on social media, a group who claimed to be “Work Force of MBHTE LDS 1” questioned Mangata-Noor designation as being unqualified because she is a holder of Teacher 1 item, thus did not met the qualification to become “the new Focal Person or Schools Division Superintendent in Lanao del Sur 1”. 

They claimed that based on their record, “Mangata-Noor is a daughter-in-law of Mam Soraidah Noor which is the current focal person; She is a nurse by profession who worked in abroad, but she took Magna carta”.

Other information they disclosed was “Mangata-Noor is the daughter of board member Alico Mangata, a traditional politician who has a long and very strong connection with the traditional politicians in Taraka and the Adiong family in Lanao del Sur.”

This group said that they are Teachers, School Principals, Supervisors and individuals of Lanao del Sur Division 1. 

However, upon re-validation of the post in the social media the same has already been deleted with no one claimed responsibility for the allegations, nor an official communication sent to the Office the Minister.

To make straight and clear, Iqbal released a Media Advisory on July 1, 2019.

In the advisory Iqbal clarified that Lanao del Sur School Division 1, pursuant to memorandum No. 112 date April 23, 2019 issued by the Office of the Chief Minister, Lanao del Sur Schools Division 1 was placed under Management Take-over.

In this case, the management shall be exercised directly by the Minister of MBHTE, Iqbal pointed out.

“Considering the distance of LDS 1, and in order not to tie our hands with trivial matters, there is a need to designate a focal person”, it added.

Iqbal said the designation of Mangata-Noor mere temporary in nature, and so the focal person. Her designation was issued by Chief Minister Hon. Ahod B. Ebrahim with the recommendation of Iqbal with conscientious deliberation of the pros and cons.

Iqbal told that the qualifications for a person to be qualified a Focal person do not necessarily require meeting the qualifications of a Superintendent. Hence both designation and work are different.

“Superintendent is the top executive in the school district that implement’s the school board’s vision trough educational programs and other concerns”, he continued.

“A focal person holds a position that is fiduciary in nature. It requires utmost trust and confidence to the person’s credibility and capabilities, while high academic standards may be part of the factors but it cannot be only the basis for the appointment”, Iqbal said in the advisory.

Contrary to the academic record of Mangata-Noor presented by the “Work Force of MBHTE LDS 1”, she finished her Master’s Degree and earned units in PhD and she is also designated by Sec. Atty. Rasol Mitmug Jr. as Division Supervisor for Kindergarten at Division of Lanao del Sur 1 on December 18, 2018.

The MBHTE said that they will conduct evaluation to its workforce including the focal persons so that it could assess the quality of work that Mangata-Noor performs throughout her term.

The BARMM Ministry of Education assured the public to promotes transparency within its workforce and gives opportunity for every concern to be heard towards the attainment of Moral Governance.

Iqbal asked the general public for benevolence and support and reminded individuals not to allow personal interest to prevail over and above public service.