Muslim religious council formed in Gensan

A council of Ulama (Muslim religious scholars) was formed that will give opinion or Islamic point of view on issues or concerns coming from the members of the Muslim ummah in the localities on July 9, 2019 in General Santos City

This development happened during the “Forum on Traditional Justice System” organized by the City Mayor’s Office- Indigenous Cultural Communities Affairs Division, a unit that implements programs for the Muslim and Indigenous Peoples in the city.

During the plenary discussion in the said activity, Ustadz Mouchtar Alangan raised the issue of the absence of an entity comprised of Ulama that will give answer or response to some questions raised by any Muslim constituents.

“I guess it is high time for us, Ulama, to address this concern,” Alangan, president of the Madaris Federation of General Santos City pointed out.

Ustadz Abdulbayan Laguialam, head of Madaris Project in Sarangani Province, supported the idea of Alangan followed by similar move from other participants who were comprised mainly of Madaris teachers and members of the royal house of Sugoda Buayan.

The deliberation ended with an agreement to form their group initially called Muslim Religious Council whose membership were comprised of Ulama who graduated in foreign and local Islamic universities or colleges.

Sheikh Ibrahim Andang, Jr., Director of Educational Research Center, an institution focused on Dawah and other charitable activities was chosen as the interim chairperson. The forum participants initially identified twenty council core members.

They agreed to meet sooner to come up with the official name of the organization and criteria for membership.