BTA aims to finalize regional gov't codes by end of 2019

Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao– The Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) aims to finalize 8 government codes by the end of 2019 so that they can be implemented starting 2020, when the Bangsamoro region gets its first block grant, said the report by Rappler yesterday.

BTA spokesman and Minister of Interior and Local Government (MILG) Najib Sinarimbo, said Thursday during a Rappler Talk Interview that December 2019 is the deadline for the BTA, sitting as Parliament, to finish deliberating on draft codes that will come from the Interim Cabinet.

"The directive form the Chief Minister (Interim Chief Minister Murad Ebrahim) is to complete it (codes) by end of September so that he can file it before the Parliament in early October," he said.

"They BTA Parliament have until December of this year to deliberate and then approve. The implementation should happen in 2020, in time for the new budget, new structure of the new government," he added.

There are 8 codes which the Bangsamoro Organic Law requires the BTA to craft during its 3-year existence are listed below.

Bangsamoro Administrative Code

Bangsamoro Revenue Code

Bangsamoro Electoral Code

Bangsamoro Local Government Code

Bangsamoro Education Code

Bangsamoro Civil Service Code

Law protecting rights and welfare of indigenous peoples

Law organizing the bureaucracy of the Bangsamoro government

Sinarimbo gave assurances during the interview by Rappler that the finalization of the codes would still "involve the whole of Parliament."

Sinarimbo, as interior minister, is in charge of crafting the Local Government Code.

For this, he has funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where had once served as senior advisor for political transition. (Source: Rappler)