IN PHOTO: District II Board Member Abduljamil S. Ishmael Alhaj (middle) with Tirso S. Tahir and Saliakram M. Adduh during courtesy visit at Capitol Building, Bongao Tawi-Tawi on October 4. 2019

Tawi-Tawi Youth leaders to intensify capacity-building

BONGAO TAWI-TAWI (October 6, 2019)- “We are currently responding to the growing needs of Sama Youth particularly on capacity building for their common good and welfare,” said youth leader Tawi-Tawi Board member Abduljamil S. Ishmael during the courtesy visit made by Tirso Tahir of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI), and Saliakram M. Adduh in his office at Capitol building Bongao Tawi-Tawi Friday. 

The visit was aimed to get some valuable inputs on issues particularly those affecting the Sama and Badjao Youth and find ways on how to build-up partnership on capacity-building, and other productive corroboration so that the youth will be more responsive, participative and productive individuals especially on Leadership and Governance in line with BTA-BARMM Chief Minister Al Haj Ahod B. Ebrahim’s calls for “Moral Governance.”

Board Member Ishmael positively responded on the proposed partnership on capacity-building program for the Sama-Badjao youth.   

Both Adduh and Tahir were elated after being informed by Ishmael that he had initiated resolutions to promote people’s welfare and public conveniences. 

During the visit, a warm and candid discussion on the proposed capacity building took placed. They shared insights on essential programs for the people despite the province considered being most peaceful and rich in natural resources, most of them are still living in poverty.

Tawi-Tawi’s anatural resources are more than enough to prosper and feed its populace if properly managed and utilized. 

Adduh and Tahir who are peace advocates themselves have already initiated various programs to capacitate their fellow Sama both young and old, in order to become more responsive, skilled, and competent in in improving their lives, upholding their rights and principles imbued with integrity to make their people worthy and unselfish individuals.