Gensan Madaris PTCA Federation intensifies support to Madrasah education

The President of the newly-formed Madaris PTCA (Parents, Teachers and Community Association) Federation of General Santos City said they will intensify support to Madrasah education in the city.

Arman Ayob Antao, Gensan Madaris PTCA Federation president, said their alliance will conduct more initiatives that will further mobilize the PTCA officers and members of every Madrasah in the city to help improve the operations of their respective Arabic schools.

“As federation president, I have been moving around the Madaris in different barangays to know the good practices of each Madrasah and know their concerns as well,” he divulged.

Antao said the good practices of certain Madrasah must be shared to others that is not performing well and that the federation will develop a learning exchange mechanism.

“We are also planning to come up with fund raising activity and the proceeds will be given to identified Madaris that need more assistance,” he said.

Jocelyn Lambac-Kanda, head of City Mayor’s Office-Indigenous Cultural Communities Affairs Division (CMO-ICCAD), the unit under the city government of General Santos City, expressed appreciation to the recent undertakings of the federation.

She noted how significant the role of Madaris PTCAs is in sustaining the operations and improving the Madaris facilities.

“The key words in developing Madrasah education is collaboration and cooperation,” she said and added, “While the city government provides honoraria and training for the Madrasah teachers, the PTCAs on the other hand take charge on the improvement of their school facilities.”

Lambac-Kanda said that repairs, maintenance and cleanliness of the Madrasah centers is on the hands of the PTCA officers and members.

“While we make our Madrasah centers more conducive for learning, we increase the number of enrollees and passers because the learners will be more enticed to attend classes,” she said.

“CMO-ICCAD appreciates the initiatives of our PTCAs now like initiating feeding activities, fencing, and sourcing out tables and chairs for the learners,” Lambac-Kanda added.

 The division has been implementing programs and projects for the Muslim and IP constituents of the city. 

Madaris for Peace is among its major projects aimed at providing the young Muslims with quality Arabic literacy and values education.

There are 140 Madaris teachers and a total of forty Madaris all over the city.