(Photo from Facebook page of Bangsamoro interim Chief Minister Ahod “Hadji Murad” Ebrahim and Minister Abdulraof “Sammy Almansoor” Macacua)

Macacua is BARMM’s new Executive Secretary

Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao– Interim Bangsamoro Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim aka Al haj Murad Ebrahim reshuffled his cabinet and appointed MP Abdurauf Macacua better known as Sammy Al Mansoor Gambar as the new Executive Secretary on concurrent capacity as Minister of Environment and Energy (MENRE). He replaced Esmail O. Pasigan who is on indefinite leave since October, this year. 

According to a Manila Bulletin report Monday, the appointment of Macacua is described by the ICM’s lieutenants as a springboard towards the formation of full-blown regional autonomous governance next year.

Macacua is the Chief of Staff of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (MILF-BIAF) who belong to the Top 300 trainees in Malaysia.

The Manila Bulletin report says that Chief Minister Ebrahim also transferred Finance Minister Eduard Guerra to the Ministry of Public Works and Highways. Guerra is a licensed architect, the BPI said.

Ebrahim has placed the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Management (MBFBM) under his direct supervision.

A statement by BARMM’s Bureau of Public Information said that Minister Guerra has endorsed the appointment of lawyer and MP Ubaida Pacasem, as head of the Regional Budget and Management Office (RBMO).

In a separate statement, Minister Macacua explained that his appointment as Executive Secretary underwent “proper consultation.”

“I assume (as executive secretary) that by virtue of (the chief minister’s) mandate. That is the first step. The second step is that every civil servant should respect since the BARMM is still under the ambit of national civil service code… There is an issue of QS (qualification standard). The person appointed to this position must be at least bachelor degree which I have not,” Macacua said. (Source: Manila Bulletin)