OPAPP shares best practices in peacebuilding

PASIG CITY, (29 November 2019) -- Representatives of the Joint Committee of the Somali Regional Government of Ethiopia and the Ogaden National Liberation Front visited the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) today to learn about the Bangsamoro peace process.

“Our nations share a common vision: to achieve meaningful and sustainable peace by engaging revolutionary groups in inclusive and genuine peace talks built on mutual trust, respect, and confidence,” Atty. Wilben Mayor, OPAPP chief-of-staff, told the Ethiopian delegates during a briefing session.

OPAPP executives also discussed peace mechanisms that have helped the national government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front prevent situations of conflict, as well as the integration of the conflict sensitivity and peace promoting (CSPP) approach in OPAPP’s policies, programs and other interventions.

The visit of the Ethiopian delegation was organized by Conciliation Resources, a peacebuilding organization based in the United Kingdom.