IN PHOTO: Dr. Parido Pigkaulan in yellow striped Polo shirt facilitating the activity during the open forum on “Moral Governance” at Pagana, Cotabato city on January 25. 2020.

Bangsamoro stakeholders hold forum on “Moral Governance”

COTABATO CITY- In the pursuit of efficient and doable public service delivery and governance, the Bangsamoro stakeholders from different sectors held Forum on Moral Governance at Pagana Native Restaurant, Cotabato City, on January 25.

In the said gathering, the participants committed to support the call of BARMM Interim Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim Al-Haj for “Moral Governance.”  

The main objective of the forum was to provide a wide range of understanding on what is Moral Governance all about, on how to attain its prospective challenges and implications. 

The forum was also designed to increase the level of awareness among the Bangsamoro people on Moral Governance, among others. 

Dr. Parido R. Pigkaulan, a dynamic and active peace advocate of BARMM Governance facilitated the half-day forum. The participants came from different sectors and affiliations in the Bangsamoro Region.  

In his welcome message, Dr. Pigkaulan presented the principles and existing laws related to Bureaucracy and Nepotism that may possibly happen in various bureaucracies in different level. 

He further presented the Civil Service Rule XII MC No.40. Series of 1998 as amended. The said CSC Rule provides the mechanism on appointing authorities, and public officials who hold public position both in career and non-career personnel and employees. 

During the open forum, the participants discussed various issues, and BARMM’s hiring process in its Job Portal as well as the issue on the phasing out of defunct ARMM employees. 

Dr. Norodin Salam, the Executive Director of BPI-BARMM under the office of Interim Chief Minister clarified the issues and enlightened the participants on the nature of recruitment processes and its mechanisms.

One participant said that the concept and principle on Moral Governance must be put into black and white that may serve as blueprint for BARMM Governance, and the BTA in the course of implementation and policy-making.  

Mr. Abu Hajam, a Provincial Information Officer of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) said that the formation of BARMM being a product of Peace Agreements must adopt certain flexibility to fit in prospective laws that BTA may adopt consonant to Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) or R. A. 11054.  

Other participants urged the BTA Parliament to fast tract the adoption and approval of the proposed Administrative and Civil Service Codes deemed necessary for BARMM to strengthen its manpower as provided in BOL.  

The participants expressed their profound gratitude to Dr. Pigkaulan, and those behind the forum for providing them a venue for open-discussion on issues that may help the BARMM Governance succeed in its call for Moral Governance.