In Photo- MBHTE Screening Team conducting interview with one of the applicants

MBHTE Team Screens new teacher-applicants in Basilan

Isabela City, Basilan- BARMM MBHTE Screening team conducted a 3-day interview for new teacher-applicants in Basilan on February 12 to 14, 2020. 

Acting HRMO Ms. Margie G. Pendulat said in an interview by Basilan-based Luwaran reporter that applicants for teaching position in the Ministry of Education (MBHTE) should undergo interview, teaching demonstration, and written examination. 

The team were impressed by the teacher-applicants’ performance, and preparation as they were equipped with demo materials. 

Ms. Pendulat said, generally the applicants were prepared, intelligent and above all disciplined compared to the previous interview in Lamitan City Division on February 12 where the first day of interview was held. 

Irritations and pleasures were high among officers of MILF Political Committee, information officers & members when the City Superintendent posted on social media that the allocation for Basilan is too little compared to that of Maguindanao. 

They lambasted her for being naive and irresponsible as she is one of the heads of the divisions. When asked to comment, Dr. Mildred M. Abas, one of the consultants said, "the number of teachers based on the number of enrollment of the students sent by the division to the national was determined by the national education office, not by the regional office. 

Ms. Pendulat said, the Lamitan Division Superintendent has no enough idea of the dynamics of Ministry of Education as her previous experiences was with Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

As per information received by Luwaran, the quota for Basilan teachers was more than the number of qualified applicants. 

The screening team was composed of 14 such as Asec. Marjuni M. Maddi, Dr. Lydia U. Mastura, Consultant Jun Salik Jr, and others.