BDA-CenMin holds 1st Trainers Regional Assembly

In line with the continuing development interventions of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) on capability building for the Bangsamoro and other stakeholders in conflict-affected areas in Mindanao, the BDA-Central Mindanao Region held its 1st Trainers' Regional Assembly (TRA) at BDA-CenMin Regional Management Office (RMO) on January 1-2, 2016.

The 1st TRA was participated by over 200 trainers of BDA from different provinces of CenMin.

The purpose of the activity was to establish a strong band of dedicated and committed trainers that will continue to perform Da'wah (education and advocacy) by facilitating and working on massive transformation through efficient and effective trainings for a better if not the best Bangsamoro.

Specifically, Engr. Abdulwahid Sendad, Regional Training Head of BDA-CenMin said, the activity also aims to:

a. Validate the actual number of trainers;

b.Set standard guidelines in conducting Values Transformation Training (VTT) and other relevant activities;

c.Assess and present the number of trainings conducted for the year 2015;

d.Remind the trainers of their important tasks in continuously developing the Bangsamoro; 

e.Refresh and strengthen their commitment to sustain their volunteerism in serving the Bangsamoro in line with the mantra of the agency, ' building people who will build the nation.' 

f.Give special awards such as Certificate of Recognition to all pioneer trainers.

Further, Sendad also said that, “The activities carried out in the TRA are combination of inputs, workshop, reporting, plenary discussions and expression of continued commitment of support”.  

During the assembly, the group of trainers from every province of CenMin was given the chance to present their accomplishment report for the year 2015.   

Among the very important part of the activity was the presence of Sheikh Abuhuraira Udasan, Grand Mufti of Bangsamoro who gave inputs on the role of Da'wah in the Bangsamoro struggle for Right self-determination (RSD).

The inputs given by Mufti Udasan on the role of da'wah in the Bangsamoro struggle were so important and inspiring. 

He also explained various steps and strategies that are very much useful for the trainers to become efficient and effective in the field of capacitating the Bangsamoro and other stakeholders.