BCOBAR Federation establishes chapter in Zamboanga City

ZAMBOANGA CITY (August 2, 20200- The BCOBAR Federation has established a chapter in Zamboanga City, and inducted the set of officers, and members on Friday, July 31, at Porcentro, Barangay Tumaga in the City.
The newly-established BCOBAR Federation Chapter was formed after series of meetings and consultations among the Bangsamoro dynamic and young leaders from different groups of peace advocates Mr. Zulfhikar Samsaraji said with the participation of some committed Moro community leaders in the city. 

Ustadh Taha Daranda, BCOBAR Coordinator for Zamboanga City welcomed the Chapter Officers and members who came from different sectors, and professions that have common passion in peace-building in Zamboanga City.

BCOBAR Federation stands for Bangsamoro Communities Outside of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. It is a people’s Organization (PO) affiliated with other established organizations throughout the Philippines. Its name is adopted from Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) or better known as R.A 11054 where some of its provisions related to BCOBAR specifically stated on Article VI. Section 9 and 12. 

By giving supplemental weight to the said BOL provision, Atty. Maisara Dandamun-Latiph, a member of BTA Parliament-BARMM sponsored a BTA- Parliament Bill no. 15 known as BCOBAR bill which is now in its third, and final reading in the Bangsamoro Parliament. 

During the induction of officers for Zamboanga City Chapter, Mr. Tirso S. Tahir officer from Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI), and BCOBAR Federation Focal Person for Zamboanga Peninsula who facilitated the creation of BCOBAR chapter for Zamboanga City officiated the Officer’s oath-taking, and gave updates to the newly-inducted officers on the significance of the proposed BCOBAR bill, and other related matters on BARMM Governance. 

In his message, Mr. Tahir said that once the BCOBAR bill is passed, and adopted by BTA Parliament, it will give more additional powers to BARMM Government in providing necessary assistance to Bangsamoro residing outside the BARMM.

“I encouraged everyone to put the welfare of the Bangsamoro people at the forefront agenda in accordance to Bangsamoro vision on Moral Governance,” Mr. Zulfhikar Samsaraji, the elected Chairman of BCOBAR Federation for Zamboanga City Chapter said in his message of commitment. 

Other Inducted Officers have also delivered their respective messages of commitment to BCOBAR Federation, and to Bangsamoro people whom they pledged to serve with utmost diligent and efficiency as what our religion Islam taught us when dispensing the entrusted mandates and obligations. 

The Inducted Officers and members have expressed their profound gratitude to BCOBAR National Officers and members for the unprecedented initiative and hard work in promoting the general welfare of the Bangsamoro people residing outside the BARMM.   

They also expressed their heartfelt appreciation, and gratitude to MP, Atty. Maisara Dandamun-Latiph who authored the BCOBAR Bill, and to BARMM Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim, and Members of Parliament who manifested their support and commitment to uplift the living condition of the Bangsamoro, not only in BARMM core areas but also those living outside the BARMM.

The BCOBAR Federation also humbly appealed to BTA-BARMM Parliament to speed up the deliberation, and approval of BCOBAL Bill so that the Bangsamoro people residing outside of the BARMM can reap the dividends of peace, and may feel the truest inclusiveness in governance, social service delivery among others.