BTA-BARMM Interim Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim presides the 40th Cabinet Meeting At Bajau Hall

Bangsamoro Education Code takes off

Cotabato City (August 11, 2020)-The Education Code for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) has taken its way during the 40th Cabinet Meeting held at Bajau Hall, on August 11, 2020 presided by Interim Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim. 
As chairman of the Committee on Education of the BTA Parliament, MP Mohagher M. Iqbal, concurrently the Minister of the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) presented the code.

Minister Iqbal started his presentation on the 25 salient features of the said code. He said that the code is rooted in the Bangsamoro history and struggle, founded on key education principles - in context, balanced, inclusive, equitable access and moral governance. 

It takes into consideration the diverse contexts of learners, educational institutions, and communities including the historical narrative and aspirations of the Bangsamoro People and the Indigenous People. It ensures equal access to quality education regardless of beliefs, cultures,
ethnicities, genders, needs and abilities and socio-economic backgrounds and guarantees equitable access to educational services and opportunities for all, Iqbal continued.

Under the code, Islamic Subjects and Arabic Language Curriculum will be taught to Muslim learners in both the school and madrasah systems. Also allows non-Muslim students to attend similar programs.

Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd) is provided to promote the distinct cultural identity, integrity and heritage of indigenous peoples and communities and ensure the recognition of and respect for all indigenous peoples in the Bangsamoro. Also, peace education is mainstreamed.

Support and safeguard to private educational institutions including Madrasah are also provided. Also, the right of sectarian schools to propagate their religious beliefs is not curtailed. 

The code will undergo refinement and enhancement as it will still be presented in the Education Committee and in Plenary of the BTA Parliament.