BTA conducts series of consultations on Administrative Code

ISABELA CITY (AUGUST 23, 2020)- A panel under the Committee on Rules of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) has been conducting series of consultations on the proposed Bangsamoro Administrative Code for the purpose of defining the mandates, jurisdictions and functions of the ministries of the BARMM.
Yesterday, August 22, the panel held another consultation via teleconference with
religious group, academe, BCOBAR, traditional leaders, women, youth, farmers, fisher folks, settler communities, Non Moro indigenous peoples, labor groups, and LGUs at the BTA Executive lounge presided by MP Atty Raisa Jajurie & MP Atty Omar Yasser Crisostomo Sema. 

The purpose of the consultation yesterday is to expedite the enactment of the administrative code in order for BARMM to take off. 

MLGOO Sherifa Adiong of Lanao del Sur who is administering four municipalities said, “We cannot move on or function well due to lack of facilities such as transportation and security matters because we do not have enough resources to do them. We rely more on LGU which also have limited resources. It is not clear what are our mandates, and has to wait for the administrative code”. 

During the teleconference, participants, and guests were allotted five minutes to convey their ideas or suggestion, recommendations or to ask questions.

MP Atty Crisostomo Sema suggested to participants to put into writing their recommendations and email them before August 27 so that they would be included in the deliberations.

Consultations with provincial governors, city mayor of Cotabato Citywas  held on August 14 at the Bangsamoro Government Center, Cotabato City.