Photo courtesy of Bangsamoro Government

Bangsamoro Chief Minister and BIATF Chair gave updates COVID-19 cases

Bangsamoro Chief Minister and Bangsamoro Inter-Agency Task Force on Covid-19 Chairperson Ahod "Al Haj Murad" Balawag Ebrahim gave updates on COVID-19 on September 10 citing two staff of the Office of the Chief Minister tested positive of the corona virus.
“On August 30, 2020, the Office of the Chief Minister (OCM) recorded its first case of COVID-19, despite strict implementation of public health standard within the vicinity. Clustering of individuals with influenza-like-illness (ILI) and contact tracing immediately ensued in which two (2) staff later tested positive,” Chairman Ebrahim conveyed.

“To contain the spread of the virus, the OCM building was temporarily closed for disinfection and sanitation. Employees and officials of the OCM were enjoined to work-from-home and those who had direct contact and recent transaction with the said confirmed cases were swabbed for RT-PCR test from September 2 to 5, 2020,” he said.

Ebrahim said out of the 181 results received from the 229 swab samples taken, 32 tested positive. “This includes 1 person who yielded a presumptive result. The new cases are mostly essential employees from the OCM,” he added.

The Chief Minister disclosed that there are now thirty-five (35) confirmed cases within the Bangsamoro Government Center. Twenty-nine (29) are residents of Cotabato City while six (6) are from Maguindanao province. 

“The newly confirmed cases are all in stable condition and undergoing strict isolation. Moreover, these patients were brought to our isolation centers immediately after receiving the result of their confirmatory test,” he said.

The BIATF chairperson said the recent development on COVID-19 cases should not be a cause for panic and he assured the public that the Bangsamoro Government is implementing aggressive containment strategy to control and avoid any further spread of the virus, which includes close coordination with pertinent offices within and outside of the BARMM. 

He said there has been massive disinfection of offices in the Bangsamoro Government Center conducted in the past week as an additional preventive measure.

“Consistent with our Moral Governance Agenda, the Bangsamoro Government believes that accurate and factual information is essential to fighting this invisible enemy. Therefore, we urge everyone to be transparent and make disclosures to enable effective government responses that would ensure the safety of everyone,” the Chief Minister said.

He reiterated the need to observe minimum health standards like hand washing, wearing of masks , observing social distancing and staying at home to help contain the spread of the dreaded virus.

“We urge everyone to make the best of this opportunity to be productive, spend time with your loved ones in the comfort of your homes,” he said.

He ended his message saying, “With our cooperation, understanding, and strong faith, together, we will beat COVID-19. In shaa Allah.”