Bangsamoro Darul Ifta, Islamic Relief of the Philippines ink MOU on Birth Registration

COTABATO CITY (September 18, 2020)-BARMM-Regional Darul Ifta (House of Opinion), and the Islamic Relief of the Philippines (IRP) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on birth registration entitled " So ngala ko, Kawagib Ko, (My Name, My Right) in three (3) project municipalities of Maguindanao at Precious Cabana Resort in Datu Odin Sinsuat on September 16 2020. 
The municipalities identified as pilot project areas are Datu Piang, Datu Hoffer and Datu Saudi Ampatuan in Maguindanao Provinces. 

IRP OIC Country Director- Sittie Najidah Montud said, "The Islamic Relief of the Philippines will facilitate the registration of 2,000 community residents across the project areas with their respective office of the Municipal Civil Registrar through the support of PSA-BARMM. 

“During the decades of struggle of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) securing identification, and registration of birth certificate was absent on those mentioned municipalities," Montud added. 

Bangsamoro Grand Mufti Udasan in his message emphasized the importance of issuing birth certificate to a newly born child in Islam. Islam is not solely a religious ritual rather it is a comprehensive way of life that both temporal and spiritual must go hand in hand. 

During the launching, Mufti Udasan underscored the Islamic guidelines with regard to birth registration. "Parents must have to bear in mind the importance of birth certificates for newly born children. In fact, in Islam it is direly needed & required for varied purposes as follows:

1. Affirmation of the precise date of birth of the child which will be required for the preservation of his/her true lineage & ancestry from both parents. This is to be processed by proper certification and documentation of the birth of the child. 

2. During the stage of child's growth to the age of enrollment to educational institutions from primary up to university level, authentic birth certificate is absolutely required for the child's official registration.

3. On travelling overseas, and in the pursuance of higher education or other circumstantial purposes, birth certificate is to availed for application of passport, health certificate and other legal travel documents,

4. On entering other contract, such as on commercial transactions and other social dealings. According to the law of inheritance authentic documents are direly needed in asserting & attesting the heir's right to inherit from the wealth of parents, and from other members of the family circle...nevertheless, should fake & falsified documents used as references or bases resolving the contract, both the contracting parties might be committing the evil of hypocrisy and dishonesty which are condemned in Islam.

The said MoU aims to improve human security, and access to human services. The birth registration, being a fundamental right, ensures a person's rights are upheld, and a foundation for achieving sustained human and economic development which is anchored to social justice. 

The Regional Darul Ifta aims to provide religious guidance and promote moral governance in the BARM.