Photo courtesy of League of Arab States

OIC, Arab League collaborate for solutions to family problems

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the world’s second biggest organization of nations after the United Nations and the League of Arab States (LAS) held the 10th session of the Arab Family Committee from September 15-17 2020.

In a report posted at the OIC website, it said that “The assistant secretary-general for humanitarian, social and cultural affairs at OIC, Tarig Ali Bakheet, called for joint action to find ample solutions to family problems taking into consideration the cultural, 
economic, social and educational dimensions, while focusing on combating domestic violence.”

“The session was held in the framework of cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two organizations, in concomitance with the 24th session of Arab Childhood Committee and the 16th meeting of the Follow-up Committee on Ending Violence against Children,” the report stated.
Bakheet tackled the importance of family and child-related social themes, particularly due to the unprecedented impact of measures to counter the spread of the coronavirus.

In its Facebook page, LAS said representatives of the national mechanisms concerned Family affairs in Arab countries and a number of regional and international organizations working in the field of protecting and empowering the family in the Arab region participated in the session.

Among the topics of the discussion were preparation of the platform for the family in the Arab region Implementation of Sustainable
Development Goals 2030, updating the Arab Family Strategy to keep pace with the challenges faced by the Arab family recently, as well as exploring ways to enhance family cohesion and reduce the phenomenon of family violence.

LAS is a regional confederation of 22 Arab nations founded in 1945 at Cairo, Egypt where its headquarter is located.

According to Britannica, the aims of the league in 1945 were to strengthen and coordinate the political, cultural, economic, and social programs of its members and to mediate disputes among them or between them and third parties.

OIC is composed of 57 member states. The body serves as the collective voice of the Muslim world and works to protect the interest of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony.