Photo courtesy of YMPN

YMPN hosts online discussion on “Shaping Peace Together: A Bangsamoro Perspective”

The Young Moro Professionals Network hosted an hour online webinar entitled “Shaping Peace Together: A Bangsamoro Perspective” in solidarity with the worlds celebration of International Day of Peace on Monday (Sept 21).
The discussants were MP Rasol Mitmug, former Chief-of-Staff of ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman and former education secretary of the ARMM and leader of Teduray-Lambangian Women’s Organization Froilyn Mendoza.
Mitmug shared the transitional justice in the Bangsamoro which he described crucial to stop the cycle of violence. 

He related how Bangsamoro peace process moved forward, from Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro to Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro until it was transformed into Bangsamoro Organic Law.

Mitmug said the BOL is the biggest transitional justice mechanism the Bangsamoro have a present. 

He related how trust and confidence has built between the two parties, the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation and how the normalization progressed.

Mitmug cited the importance of addressing land dispossession, looking at the history of the Bangsamoro and implementing psychological healing programs. 

The resource person the BOL provides that the Bangsamoro Parliament is mandated to enact transitional justice mechanism to address the grievances of the Bangsamoro people and underscored that among its pillar is the guarantee of non-recurrence.

He also narrated how the BTA acted on the profiling of the Muslim students in Manila and passed resolutions constituting special committee to look into the status or Marawi rehab and reconstruction and resolution appealing to President Duterte not to push through in putting up additional military camp in the Islamic city of the country.

Froilyn Mendoza, leader of Teduray Lambangian Women Organization and champion of IP women’s rights, discussed the IP’s perspective in the Bangsamoro.

She related how important nature for the IPs is and their collective process of decision-making where community members are being consulted. 

Mendoza also related the lack of sense of land ownership among the IPs and their welcoming of non-IPs that resulted to dispossession of their lands.

The discussant cited that the BOL recognize the ancestral domain of the IPs, its customary justice system, and having reserve seat in the Bangsamoro parliament.

She disclosed there are about 3,300 displaced IPs in Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat that were affected by land conflicts that involved Moro, settlers and IPs. 

Mendoza revealed further that there are some IPs in Maguindanao who were displaced because of the  military operations against an sextremist group.

Talking about peace, the two persons agreed pointed out that having peace of mind is very important for everyone. 

She related that for the IPs, it is important to restore good relationship between two parties involved in conflict which is the role of the elders and pointed out the importance of healing their hurt feelings. 

Mitmug said a person is at peace if he have self-respect, dignity and good relationship with others. He said peace does not mean absence of war.

The activity was hosted by Asst. Professor Yasmira Moner, Acting Director of MSU-IIT Institute for Peace and Development. The discussion is one episode of the Moro Youth Hour program of YMPN.