P.I.O. 1, BCOBA Officer, Zamboanga City

For some places in Mindanao like Zamboanga City down to Zamboanga Sibugay, Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi which have continuously failed in their quest to produce historical headlines suited for local and offshore publicity, the poor result of an almost endless assessment made on such regard should serve an alarming indication. As the assessment strongly attests, the importance of Journalistic Activities thru either Radio and Television Programming or Newspaper, has greatly missed the interest of some people not only those residing in the hinterlands but mainly the ones populating the town areas. No doubt, attempts have been made for several occasions to transform and actualize the so-called Bangsamoro Homeland’s long overdue wish for a grand elevation on the screen of nationwide admiration. Unfortunately, the effort ended up in sad failure. 
It was probably the bitter apathies and indifference accorded by its targeted supporters that caused the whole idea to flop. 
Along this confinement, however, somebody from the outside looks at the situation in a rather more plausible perspective. To him and for no other reason, it was simply the lack of financial support and other forms of moral boosters that brought the entire laudable attempts plunging into the pools of flippancies. And so today and probably up to the many more years to come, unless somebody from either the BARMM’S Office (Bangsamoro Autonomous Regions in Muslim Mindanao) or from soon-to-be approved BCOBAR (Bangsamoro Communities Outside of the Bangsamoro Regions) comes into rescue with full battle gears of support, the Bangsamoro people will find themselves one day sharing regrettable fate with the rests.

Meanwhile as negligence in this regards tends to grow deep-rooted, the people of the Bangsamoro Homeland have become more disunited and unmindful of one another’s social destiny. Apparently, because of fear for their lives, or, because of ill motives, people become so secretive-resulting to exaggerations of the truth. This is very tragic in the sense that it has become one of the bottom-line of social dilemma which has engulfed the Bangsamoro Homeland for over decades now. No one seems to have been so courageous enough, not even from the groups of Muslim Government Officials, to come out into the open and speak seriously on issues of foremost concern and benefits to the Bangasamoro People. 

At any rate, this writer has got some tried and tested loads of relevant suggestions, if not really complete and perfect solutions to the problem. In all likelihood, he foresees and firmly believes that the establishment of a MUSLIM TRI-MEDIA PROGRAMS or for that matter, A MUSLIM owned TELEVISION NETWORK and RADIO STATION will be likened to hitting the nail right on its head. It will at the same time serve an open-door towards the entrance of a Fearless Redeemer into the world of broadcasting activities. Fearless indeed as he is supposed to be a person who will, more often than not, function and operate counter offensive or defensive against all odds, misconceptions, and some of the palpability of disparaging thoughts and accusations that have for years been lodged against the honorable identity of the Bangsamoro People, their wisdom and principle, their faith above all.

 Given therefore the proper back up he needs, Insha Allah, he would prove competent and capable enough to manage and portray the Bangsamoro Homeland and the bountiful history of its people not just for local but even for international viewers and audiences; a price so to say of attaining a glorious pride and honor the Bangsamoro People truly deserve. Not in a manner as how some broadcasters or media personnel have carelessly done it but in a style absolutely sanctified and depolluted with traces of hyperboles and baloneys. In short, it would simply be a kind of Journalistic Work that will cater with what is supposed to mean by a “REALLY CONSTRUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT PUBLICITY”. A type of Journalistic Spirit where no one is worried about being wrongly personified, politically harassed, exploited, and morally prostituted. In a nutshell, it simply means “MUSLIM RESPONSIBLE TRI-MEDIA DEVELOPMENT, with aims and objectives truly based on Peace, Harmony, and Understanding amongst peoples in this country. A Medium of Information that projects and carries along with it an unfading image of a “PRO-GOD, PRO-RELIGION, PRO-LIFE and above all, PRO-BANGSAMORO” as its basic foundation.