Photo courtesy of Suhor Salisipan

Muslim leaders unite to help in peace, dev’t of Bangsamoro communities in Glan

Muslim leaders from different sectors in Glan, Sarangani banded themselves to push for peace and development of Muslim communities.
In a meeting graced by the municipal mayor of Glan on September 24, 2020, Muslim religious, traditional and key leaders from different barangays of town discussed issues and concerns affecting Muslim communities and drew out corresponding solutions.
“The participants came up with four point agenda which are education (includes Maadaris),  strengthening moral values, engaging in livelihood and practicing Muslim customary laws,” Engr. Ameril Salisipan, the lead convener, said in an interview.

He said the Muslim leaders are interested to pursue livelihood activities like farming, aquaculture and supply of Halal meat.

“The Imams could play vital role that is encouraging parents to see to it that their children will attend Madaris classes,” Salisipan added.
He cited how important also to support the practice of Muslim customary law in Muslim communities.

“Muslim traditional and religious leaders are key personalities that can help settle conflicts in the Communities,” Salisipan, also a Shari’ah counselor, underscored.

He related that the Muslim leaders are looking forward for LGU support to improve the implementation Madaris program in the different barangays of Glan.

“Aside from Madaris education, Muslim parents should also encourage their children to pursue their studies in secular education to become competitive,” he related further.

“As for fostering Moral values, Da’wah will be strengthened by the Imams and they will coordinate with the PNP to support advocacies against illegal drugs, terrorism and other illegal activities,” Salisipan conveyed.

He cited moral values will be strengthened by Da’wah activities and that the religious leaders are the key actors in such endeavor.