hoto courtesy of UNYPAD-Datu Paglas

UNYPAD - Datu Paglas conducts training on proper execution of prayer and ablution

DATU PAGLAS, MAGUINDANAO / October 26, 2020 - Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, UNYPAD Datu Paglas Chapter conducted a two-day training on the proper execution of prayer (Salah) and ablution (Wudu) on October 24-25, 2020 at Mohamad Madrasah, Poblacion, Datu Paglas, Maguindanao.
In compliance with health protocol that discourages huge gathering to avoid transmission of the corona virus, organizers limited the number of participants to 26 only.

The participants believed that the greatest way to build an organization's foundation is through teaching each member on executing the five times a day prayer and performing the ablution properly for it will lead them to establish their organization well. 

Guest speaker Sheikh Alimudin Ampatuan, Muder (Principal) of Mahad Datu Paglas, said, "The first thing we should consider before performing the prayer appropriately is to be free from dirt and be morally uncontaminated" which is similar to how one should build an organization, that is to render services wholeheartedly.”

The training made a realization for the trainees that performing a prayer properly should not only be done by performing it five times a day but also by executing it correctly. 

Ustadza Zahara Mundi Alhadja, the two days lecturer for the women said "Praying without appropriate execution and proper ablution and correct reading of Qur'an is useless." For her, it will take years of perfecting ablution and prayer. 

The lecturer for men Ustadz Jahir Mamenting conveyed that it was his the first time to see an organization he joined that began with such kind of training and he hoped for a better result in the future. 

One of the participants, Norhuda Alvin, a college instructor, delivered her message of impression saying "I repented that I prioritized secular education." 

She was overwhelmed and thankful that she found UNYPAD and hoped that it will lead her and her fellow to be better in any way that the organization could be part of. 

"Without the help of Allah, nothing will happen," said Ustadz Raf-Raf Zacaria. He pointed out that that seeking Allah's forgiveness will never be too late until the person dies.

Ustadz Zacaria said he is looking forward to that the organization will help them transmit messages from Qur'an. 

The Chairwoman of the Committee on Da'wah and Education, Maliha Manunggal, who was the head of the program said,"It is a mercy from him (Allah) that we belong to this organization."

She persuaded participants to practice the knowledge gained from the training until those will be mastered and added, “It will be our key to enter Paradise"

Honorable Akmad Musa, Provincial Chairman of Maguindanao Cluster 3, expressed his unwavering support to the programs of the UNYPAD Datu Paglas Chapter. He was accompanied by the Vice Chairman for External Affairs, Pasigan Sapalon. 

The said officers showed their gratitude to the chapter for being active and they advised youths to be prepared for they will replace them in the future. 

Chairman Akmad Musa said, "Let us train young people to be better than us and lead them to be more productive leaders in the future." 

Rudy Lumapinet, Chairman of Committee on Environment and Natural Resources - UNYPAD National Chapter, disclosed on his part, "Never neglect our responsibility and this is the first part of your four months drafted plan towards achieving the primary goal of our organization" 

The participants received certificate of participation awarded by Chairman of CENR National Chapter assisted by Chairman Maguindanao Cluster 3 together with WAC Chairwoman and the Chairman of UNYPAD Datu Paglas Chapter.

UNYPAD believes that building an organization with a strong and solid foundationit will make its life longer.

The organization hopes to have more activities and programs as it has been trying its best towards achieving its goals and objectives. 

It further hoped that having members that are sincere (ikhlas) serves as its weapon in sustaining the unity and solidary of the organization.