Moro peace advocate joins Southeast Asia Young Peacebuilders Organization

A Moro peace advocate joins the Southeast Asia Young Peacebuilders Organization (SEAYPO, a group working on building and sustaining peace through the transformative potential of young people in the greater Southeast Asia Region, as Executive Consultant and Member.
Joining SEAYPO is Hadji Harris Mukaram Ismael, a Tausug-Iranun origin who grew up in Cotabato City and the founder and currently the managing director of “The Moro Peace Project Promotions and Support Services, Inc.”, a self-funded non-government and community-based organization which aims to promote peace empowerment.

“Our institution, MPPPSS, supports the young Muslim Filipinos by providing them support such as education towards sustainable peace and development, and also teaching them what “peace” is really about,” he said.

Currently, Ismael is the Deputy Lead Ambassador for BARMM and concurrent Chief Peace Advocate of the Global Institute for youth Development, Inc., Global Peace Ambassador of the Global Peace Chain, and Philippines’ Representative of the Global Youth Model United Nations.

“My biggest dream is to create a greater communities to change the lives of the youth and rely on the development of individual capacity in the community and to encourage children and young people to take charge of their everyday lives and an integral element in creating a protective environment for children’s protection and their families,” he revealed.

Ismael is also a member of the One Bangsamoro, a local organization of the scions of the Bangsamoro Fighters or the Mujahideens which aims to support the current leadership of the newly established BARMM Government.

One Bangsamoro also promotes peace and unity of the children of the Bangsamoro. 

Ismael is the son of late Bangsamoro, one of the top 300 foreign trained Moro fighters, Nadzmi Abdurahman Ismael, who fought for the rights of the Bangsamoro people during the time of conflict (70’s and 80’s) particularly in the Province of Basilan and Tawi-Tawi. 

“My main role is to promote peace in the Bangsamoro communities and advocate the rights of his young Muslim brothers and sisters in organizing the communities to become a well-developed and a peaceful community in the Bangsamoro region,” he added.

SEAYPO is a regional level youth-led organisation aiming to create an inclusive platform where the essential role of young people in preventing and resolving conflicts and in sustaining peace is recognized and amplified.