Zamboanga City Bangsamoro Community leaders hold meeting to support call for BTA –BARMM extension

SANGALI, ZAMBOANGA CITY- March 08, 2021. The Bangsamoro Community Leaders in remote Barangay of Sangali held their periodical meeting on Thursday, March 4 as part of assessing the situation of the BARMM Regional Government plans and services for the Bangsamoro especially for the Bangsamoro Outside of the BARMM areas. 
Hji. Halim Sabdahun, a Bangsamoro Community Leader in Sangali Coastal Barangays areas organized the periodic meeting in a bid to intensify their effort in promoting the atmosphere of peace through providing updates and hasten their support to the call for BTA Extension until 2025, in order to complete the implementation of peace agreement signed by the Philippines Government and MILF.

Hji Sabdahaun said that the group of Bangsamoro Community Leaders and Peace Advocates in the area have been relentlessly conducting a series of meetings and consultations to sustain the gains of peace process that paves the way to doable Peace and Development in the Bangsamoro region. 

“We should continue supporting the gains of peace process by contributing our time and energy for the realization of Bangsamoro aspiration” Hji Abidin said

Ustadz Taha Daranda, a CSO Leader and BCOBAR Federation Coordinator for Bangsamoro Communities Residing outside the BARMM in Zamboanga City also made a call to his fellow Bangsamoro and peace loving residents in the city to support the call for BTA-BARMM extension.
“Peace and Development are our common concern, let us sustain it by extending the period of BTA-BARMM to 2025 to complete its mandate as provided in the Bangsamoro Organic Law. The establishment of BARMM is just a portion of peace agreement under the political aspect, but the core of the peace agreement is on Normalization aspect”. Taha said

Hji Turadji, a community Leader also said that BARMM is a product of peace deal, therefore our call for BTA term extension to 2025 is to complete the BTA mandates by giving a true essence to the peace agreement entered into by Philippines Government and MILF.
Mr. Tirso Tahir, an Officer of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI), and CSO Peace Advocates gave updates to the attendees on BARMM existing programs and services and discussed other related issues.

“Our participation in peace building is crucial for it will pave the way for long lasting Peace and development. The BTA should be given enough time to translate the BOL provisions into action for genuine transformation of governance for the betterment of Bangsamoro