Biwang Province traditional leaders express support to Bangsamoro transition extension

PALIMBANG, SULTAN KUDARAT --Traditional leaders of Biwang Province expressed their support to the call for extension of the Bangsamoro transition period.
Members of Kadatuan from Palimbang and nearby communities gathered during the Biwang Province Traditional Sector 3rd General Assembly held at Sitio Kaday, Barangay Kabuling in this town to amplify their call to the lawmakers to extend the transition period of the Bangsamoro government.

Chairman Kingboy Bayang cited the importance of giving ample time for the Bangsamoro government for at least another three years for the regional government to establish the priority codes and mechanisms for the smooth operation of the autonomous region.

Among the traditional leaders present in the event were Datu Mamarudin S. Utto Rajahmuda sa Rajah Buayan, Datu Sam Sendab, Datu Mohamadali Datu Maguiales, and Abduladsid Tacbil, Tuan Basar sa Biwang.

Different civil society organizations all over Mindanao have been calling the Philippine Congress to pass legislation that will allow another three years for the Bangsamoro transition.

Today, the number of online petition supporters have reached more than one million urging President Duterte to certify the bills in Congress and Senate that seeks to extend the Bangsamoro transition period.