Supporters calling for extension of Bangsamoro transition period reach 1M

More than 1 million supporters are asking President Rodrigo Duterte to certify as urgent the various bills in the Senate and House of Representative which seek the extension of Bangsamoro transition period based on the online petition through
As of March 10, 2021 10:30 PM,  the online platform registered 1,007,866 individuals calling on Pres Duterte to certify as urgent the senate bills 2019/2025 and house bills 8116/8117/8161/8277, proposed legislations that seek to amend section 13 article XVI of Republic act 11054, also known as the Bangsamoro Organic Law, to extend the transition period and setting the first regular election of the Bangsamoro government to May 2025.

The online petition was spearheaded by the Davao-based peace advocacy organization Mindanao Peoples Caucus (MPC).

“Considering the very limited session days remaining in Congress before it adjourns sine die on June 4, 2021, there is a need to certify the pending bills calling for the extension of the transition period so that it can be given more prominence and a sense of urgency given the equally important and competing concerns of Congress,” the online petition stated.

It was further stated, “We believe that the BTA and national government will be able to accomplish more and uplift the quality of life of the people on a massive scale if they will be given additional time to implement the remaining tasks especially on the much needed institutional reforms and the normalization process for the thousands of MILF combatants who seek to return to peaceful and progressive civilian lives.”

“We appeal to you, Mr. President, to certify the extension bill as urgent and allow the transition period to succeed in the larger context of the peace process.” reiterated in the petition statement.

In a recent press conference, Atty. Mary Ann Arnado MPC Secretary-General, said, “We only have a limited window until June 4. It is crucial that the President certify as urgent the measures seeking the extension of the transition period in the BARMM so that Congress will fast-track their work on the matter.”

Last November, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority passed a resolution urging Congress to extend the Bangsamoro transition period from 2022 to 2025.