Photo courtesy of MP Diamila Diamban-Ramos

Actor Robin Padilla joins call for Bangsamoro transition extension

Filipino actor Robin Padilla joined the call for the extension period of the Bangsamoro transition period.
In a  recent video message, he said in Filipino, ”The country has not yet achieved peace and comfort which the Bangsamoro people are still fighting for.”
Padilla, one of the prominent personalities who supported the enactment of Bangsamoro Basic Law, said the Bangsamoro people are striving to achieve real justice and the right to govern themselves.

“The Bangsamoro people also striving to foster and cultivate their own culture and identity as Moros and Muslim Filipinos,” he added.
The actor said everyone are yearning for meaningful peace, development and unity. “Yet this requires positive action from the lawmakers of the Philippine Congress and the President himself,’ he explained.

Padilla, a revert to Islam, reasoned out that the pandemic affected the crucial change the regional government has been pushing for.
“This change requires intrinsic and careful steps for it affect many once gone wrong,” he further explained. 

He said the change the regional government is working for is anchored on the national goal   for holistic peace and development.
“That change is aimed at bringing comfort to every Bangsamoro family and to every Filipino family,” he pointed out.

Padilla likened the transition period to childrearing that must undergo a right process which include ample time, perseverance, caution, patience and guidance.

“Let us not allow that the course of the peace process left undone nor broken”

He called on the Filipino people not to allow the legacy of President Duterte and lawmakers who fashioned and gave life to one of the best peace legislations in the world, the Bangsamoro Organic Law.

Padilla further urged the stakeholders to set aside personal interest but rather do what is good for all.

“BTA extension is for peace, comfort and development not only of the Bangsamoro but of the whole nation,” he said.

“What is that short extension compared to their struggle for hundreds of years,” he asked.
The actor ended his message saying, “Let us walk the extra mile for peace.”