IN PHOTO: Officials from the Office of MP Prof. Abdulla A. Ahangand Resource Persons together with Officers of BongaoIMAM League Council and other others Officers . Post for souvenir pre after he forum at Barangay Sanga-Sanga, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

Bongao imam League council, CSO and livelihood cooperative association fully support the BTA extension 2025.

SANGA-SANGA, BONGAO ,TAWI-TAWI (March 23, 2021)- “As long as it promotes peace and development, we in the religious sector should always be in the frontline of peace advocacy, Imam Jamil Daham emphasized during the forum on BTA Extension 2025,” Sunday at Barangay Sanga-Sanga, BongaoTawi-Tawi.

The forum was held at the vicinity of Hji Sarata Dais Mosque and was organized by Bongao Imam League Council Radio Network, an association of Imams in Bongao. It was attended by CSO, religious sector, teachers, women group, youth, officers and members of Livelihood Cooperative from Bonago adjacent Barangays.

 CSO Leaders Imam Jamil Daham and Mr. Misang Hasim spearheaded a series of activities in Bongao aimed to provide valuable information to the constituents on the significant of participation in peace-building to rally for the extension of Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) until 2025 .  

Officials from the Office of MP Prof. Abdulla A. Ahang of BTA-BARMM were invited during the forum to give valuable inputs on the current development and programs of BTA-BARMM, and other related issues.

Dr. Salim Yusop, a CSO Officer was among the resource rersons who explained the importance of Peace and Development in the Bangsamoro region. 

“It is our collective obligation to exert relentless effort in sustaining the atmosphere of peace for it will pave the ways to development in our region. Among the crucial efforts is to extend the BTA to 2025 in order to have enough time to put place all the necessary mechanisms during the transitional period,” Dr. Salim said.  

On his part, Dr. Gabra Abdurahman, Provincial Information Director of SAMA, also a CSO Officer emphasized  the importance of sustaining the gains of peace agreement between the Philippines Government the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)   
“Let us all get involve in open discussions to be able to come up with productive output, ” Dr. Abdurahaman said.

Mr. TirsoTahir from the Institution of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI), a Peace Advocate and also CSO Officer provided a summarized narrative of Moro Armed Struggle and succinct analysis of Bangsamoro Politics as well as the current development and programs of Bangsamoro Regional Government, BARMM  

“We have to make a deeper analysis and comparisons on various issues both on social, economic and political aspects that affect the Bangsamoro lives.  Both the defunct ARMM and BARMM are products of Bangsamoro Armed Struggle in pursuance of our legitimate assertion for the right to self-determination, and whatever we gained from it must be nurtured and sustained especially during this crucial period where the BTA is in challenging course to transform the peace agreement provisions into implementation that will pave the way to the realization of Bangsamoro aspiration,” Tahir said    
In the open forum a collective support for BTA extension to 2025 was reaffirmed and manifested by all participants, the organizers, and CSO officers. They overwhelmingly said that the welfare of the Bangsamoro people is the paramount concern over any other individual interest.  

In his closing remark, Imam Jamil Daham encouraged the participants to be always respectful to their leaders be they are head of family or leader in society while the leaders should always facilitate whatever actions that may promote harmony and  prosperity for their constituents. Understanding is among the core elements that must be internalized and applied at all times for it will sustain the sanctity of love and happiness both in family and society. 

The forum organizers and the participants expressed their profound gratitude to resource speakers for the information shared during the forum in promoting the general welfare of the Bangsamoro through sustaining the gains of peace agreement since all will surely  enjoy the dividends of Peace.