CMO-ICCAD, UNYPAD conduct Basic News Writing Workshop for Gensan Moro youth leaders

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (March 28, 2021)- The City Mayor’s Office – Indigenous Cultural Communities Affairs Division (CMO-ICCAD) and United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) General Santos (GenSan) City Chapter conducted Basic News Writing Workshop for the Moro youth leaders of this city on March 28, 2021, at Raadz Place, in this city.
The workshop, aimed to develop and enhance the writing skills of the participants, was comprised of representatives from UNYPAD Gensan, Federation of Muslim Association (FEMSA) of GenSan and Student Body Organization Federation of Madaris GenSan.

Gandhi Kinjiyo, Administrative Officer of CMO-ICCAD and the facilitator, handled the activity. He also shared his experiences in writing news from the year 2006 to present. 

Sahani Ansa, Chairman of UNYPAD-GenSan Chapter, said “Basic News Writing is important for us as peace advocates.” 
“Gaining knowledge is vital for the members of the organization,” he explained.

Ansa also said, “This activity is very fruitful and we hope that we can put into practice in our respective organizations.”
He expressed gratitude to CMO-ICCAD for making the activity possible.

Mohammad Borhan Emam, Provincial Secretary of UNYPAD GenSan Chapter, said, “I hope that the knowledge and learnings that the participants have gained in this activity will benefit in promoting our activities in the future particularly in campaigning peace and development.”

Naira Abdullah, Women Affairs Committee member of UNYPAD GenSan Chapter, said, “It was great challenge for me to join this kind of activity due to a fact that I myself isn’t engaged to the world of newswriting.”

The participants expressed their reflection and realization on the activity. They agreed to use the skills they gained in promoting the advocacies of their respective organizations. 

Murshid Lumanggal, FeMSA member said, “As what I’ve heard from Mr. Gandhi Kinjiyo, ‘Even if you don’t have skills in public speaking as long as you have skills and capability in news writing, you will be able to communicate your message or information to the public’.” 

“I also realized that news writing is important for we will be able to inform the public about events that happen around which may also affect us,” he added.

The activity is among the capability-building undertakings initiated by UNYPAD-GenSan to capacitate its officers and members.
The group also plans to hold series of activities before and during the holy month of Ramadhan.