Photo courtesy of UNYPAD

UNYPAD calls upon the Bangsamoro people to safeguard the peace agreement

The head of United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) called upon the Bangsamoro people and Bangsamoro youth to safeguard the peace agreement in a video message last Wednesday amidst the clamor for President Duterte to certify as urgent the bill that seeks the extension period of the Bangsamoro transition.
Dr. Rahib Kudto, UNYPAD president, said, “We call upon peace-loving people from all walks of life particularly the Bangsamoro people and the Bangsamoro youth to safeguard the peace agreements and continue the assertion of the Bangsamoro right-to-self-determination through peaceful means.

“We are appealing to the President to certify the Bill as urgent. We are calling upon the House and Senate to fast track the deliberation of the Bills that will effectively extend the Bangsamoro transition period and sustain the gains of the peace process,” the UNYPAD head said.

The youth leader stressed that extending the period  of Bangsamoro transition will sustain the gains of the peace process as it will ensure full implementation of the peace agreements signed between the government of the Philippines and the Moro Fronts.

The UNYPAD chief  acknowledged the effort of  President Duterte in resolving the age-old Bangsamoro problem. 

“We also support his peace legacy in Mindanao through establishing the foundation of meaningful autonomous government for the Bangsamoro,” Kudto underscored.

He related that UNYPAD has been accompanying the Bangsamoro peace process since its inception in 2004 and has been operating nationwide.

“The organization’s experience and commitment to peacebuilding and helping achieve development in conflict-affected areas in Mindanao is beyond question,” Kudto said.

He explained that another 3 years of extension will allow members of the Bangsamoro parliament to have ample time for the passage of priority Bills that are vital for the realization of moral governance in the region.

UNYPAD is the largest Bangsamoro youth organization in the Philippines that aims to produce  competent, effective and skilled young leaders who meaningfully contribute to society. 

The group works to mobilize young people and equip them with essential knowledge, skills and appropriate technologies so they become members of society who will promote unity and solidarity, transparency and accountability.