(Photo courtesy of UNGAYA)

Muslim youth groups distribute AIdTatabanga relief goods in Mamasapano

Three Muslim youth groups facilitated the distribution of relief goods under the AidTatabanga project for the learners of Madrasatul Darul Hijrah, Dabenayan Mamasapano, Maguindanao Province.

The three Muslim organizations were the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) – Cotabato City Chapter, United Group of Active Youth Association (UNGAYA), and SPMS box UYL (United Youth Leaders). 

UNYPAD Regional Coordinator Brod Norodin Guiamaludin said the initiative might be simple but it creates huge impact in the community.

He cited the efforts of the UNYPAD members and its partner organizations who joined the distribution helping those in need.

“AidTatabanga Project exists because of the love and care that we have for you, and thinking that our innocent Bangsamoro fellow youths were struggling between this armed conflict,” UNYPAD Cotabato City Chairman Yusop Macabuat said.

He thanked the benefactors for providing the assistance which the beneficiaries need amidst the health crisis being experienced. (With report from Thelma Aisha Ali, UNYPAD)