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‘Seek advice of our elders’- MP Atty. Lanang Ali Jr. tells Moro youth leaders

Majority Leader MP Atty. Lanang Ali, Jr. told the Muslim youth leaders to seek the advice of the elders for they possess wisdom and experiences during the Pre-State of the Bangsamoro Youth Address for Maguindanao, Cotabato City and 63 Barangays that comprise the Special Geographic Areas (SGA) of Cotabato Province on Monday (Aug 9) held in Cotabato city.
“In every part of our life, we should seek advice of our elders. They have wisdom and experiences,” MP Ali, Jr. said in the event attended by representatives of young Muslim organizations Cotabato City, Maguindanao and SGA.

He explained, “Take my advice, don’t make your own way without basis for we do not know what we will reach if we do not have basis.”

The Majority Leader of the Bangsamoro Parliament said the experiences of the elders are good references for the youth in their various undertakings.

He added that heeding the good experiences of the Bangsamoro leaders, the youth today will surely succeed.
“Let us make their experiences as our reference,” MP Ali, Jr. underscored. “If they succeed with what they did, surely you will also reap success,” he added.

For him it is a risk to track a path or make some move without foreseeing the result.

“If it is your first time to experience a problem, ask the solution from those who know about and thereafter that you can make decision,” he elucidated.

He hinted the participants saying, “If the problems pertains to religion, then ask the Ulama rather getting information from youtube. If your problem is on legal, then ask the lawyer.”

MP Ali Jr. told the young Moro leaders, “If you will experiment, it is either you succeed or fail, but if you will follow your leader, you will also be like them, good leaders.”

 The Bangsamoro lawmaker was invited to give his message of support to the activity.