Photo courtesy of Bangsamoro Youth Commission

BYC Tawi-Tawi commissioner highlights accomplishments in Pre-SOBYA

Commissioner Pratima Sabal-Samsaraji of Bangsamoro Youth Commission – Tawi-Tawi highlighted the accomplishments of the commission during the Pre-State of the Bangsamoro Youth Address on Friday (Aug 6) at Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.
She cited the achievements of her agency that include 1) assisting some youth for inclusion in the Ministry of Labor and Employment’s Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) and Government Internship Programs; 2) conducted activities that strengthened youth organizations and Sangguniang Kabataan through advocacy and capacity building; 3) partnered with the Ministry of Trade, Investments, and Tourism in Capacity and Development Cum Digital Literacy with five youth participants.

She continued that the BYC Tawi-Tawi also helped 30 youth leaders to be accepted in the BYLP-LedCom fellows, extended services to MOST -BASE program, helped 78 Tawi-Tawi youth to be accepted in AHME Scholarship Program and provided humanitarian relief to marginalized Badjaos and other accredited youth organizations through the umbrella of Lingkod Kabataang Bangsamoro Program.

The lady commissioner added that her agency initiated Peace Caravan in Bongao to support the calls for BTA extension to 2025, provided free iftars during Ramadhan with a program Ramdaming and Ramadhan and currently partnering with TESD Tawi-Tawi for youth scholarship and free training.

In her message, she said in local vernacular that BYC has been undertaking activities to carry out its mandate and encourage organizations of youth to be registered with the commission and get accreditation to become engaged with the program of BYC.
Commissioner Sabal-Samsaraji also revealed that BYC Tawi-Tawi has already proposed activities, projects and programs for fiscal year 2022 and awaiting for approval. (Source: Bangsamoro Information Office)