Photo courtesy of SBRH Rajah Muda Abdulhamid Ingkong

Sugoda Buayan Royal House joins consultation on selecting traditional leader rep to parliament

Members of the Sugoda Buayan Royal House (SBRH) joined in the consultation on the manners and procedures on electing traditional leader sector representative in the Bangsamoro Parliament on August 10, 2021 at Shariff Kabungsuan Cultural Complex in Cotabato City.
A team of Kadatuan headed by SBRH Rajah Muda Abdulhamid Ingkong imparted their ideas to contribute to the success of the said undertaking. He expressed thanks to the organizers for inviting SBRH which is based in the city of General Santos.

Ingkong suggested that the selection of sectoral representative of traditional leaders sector to the Bangsamoro Parliament will be chosen by the Sultanate of Maguindanao instead of the usual election process.

Other delegates from were traditional leaders from Cotabato City, Maguindanao, Special Geographic Areas of Cotabato Province.

MP Minister Romeo Sema, Ministry of Labor and Employment, said the consultation is important to hear the ideas of traditional leaders whose inputs will become part of the electoral code of the Bangsamoro.

The Technical Working Group of the consultation is being chaired by Senior MP Minister Abduraof Macacua with MP Sema as the co-chair.

Similar activity will be conducted in Lanao del Sur and the island provinces.