‘Moral governance is policy direction of the Chief Minister in order to combat corruption’, malpractices- DAB

COTABATO CITY — Moral governance is the policy direction of the Chief Minister in order to combat corruption, in order to combat other malpractices such as nepotism, cronyism and some other things,” Shamsuddin L. Taya, Ph.D, Deputy Executive Director, Development Academy of the Bangsamoro (DAB ) said in a talk show on October 12, 2021.
Taya was invited to discuss about the topic entitled “Development Academy of the Bangsamoro Mandates and Programs for the Bangsamoro Government in attaining Moral Governance.”
Dr. Taya cited that there is specific provision both in the Bangsamoro Administrative Code and Bangsamoro Civil Service Code on DAB stating that its function is for the capacity-building of the Bangsamoro.

He shared that last September 2021 the Civil Service Commission (CSC) recognized DAB as one of the Learning and Development institutions in the Philippines, thus all trainings managed and conducted by DAB are recognized by the Civil Service.

The deputy executive director underscored the importance of seminars and trainings aside from education and eligibility for the government employees.

He explained that DAB, a replacement office of the defunct ARMM Development Academy (ADA), has started when the Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim instructed the group of doctors including him who went to Malaysia to draft a concept paper for DAB as an office that its main objective is to capacitate the government employees of the Bangsamoro Region.

“The difference between the Bangsamoro, or the BARMM, is that they emphasize that all policies need to be research-based, which is why they set up the Center for Research,” Taya said.

In terms of funding, Taya related that 100% funding of the academy comes from the BARMM particularly the Office of the Chief Minister.

“In pursuing Moral Governance and in order to combat corruption, malpractices and nepotism in the Government all Employees are mandated to attend and actively participate in all trainings DAB will conduct,” he said.

“That needs to be complied with by the employees or else he won't be permanent,” he further said. Taya is optimistic that if an employee will comply with the trainings in Moral Governance, it may lessen the number of employees corrupting and definitely progress and development will be realized.

“By next year, Moral Governance will be in place, VTT (Values Transformation Training) will be in place so that's why we are focusing on how to have an expert," he added. In conducting trainings, he said they tap experts, either individuals or institutions.

The Deputy Executive Director also emphasized the partnership of their Office with the League of Bangsamoro Organizations (LBO) which has research department of which when capacitated, could also help the regional government.

He clarified the engagement of DAB with Non -Government Organizations (NGOs) in matter pertaining to the possible assistance, DAB personnel may provide assistance to NGO but on their personal capacity without bringing the name of the academy.

Taya ended his message by enumerating the efforts and preparations DAB is doing to ensure that quality of trainings they are offering and ensuring that they are capacitated to train others.
DAB also ensures the effectiveness of the training tools including its materials like modules.