In Photo- BPDA Executive Director Engr. Mohajirin T. Ali

Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority reveals mandates, programs, services

COTABATO CITY (November 4, 2021) — The Executive Director of the Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority (BPDA) conveyed their organization’s mandates, program and services during the BMN Kaunlaran sa Bangsamoro talk show last October 2, 2021.
Mohajirin T. Ali, Executive Director, explained that BPDA is a counterpart agency of National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) in the BARMM Region and added that the office was assigned in planning for entire BARMM as they lead formulation of development plan ng Bangsamoro.

According to Ali, in terms of programs, the agency has made three important plans namely Bangsamoro Development Plan 2021-2022 of the Bangsamoro Government, Bangsamoro Response Recovery Plan, and assistance in the normalization process and other track implementation of the peace process between National Government and MILF.

As leading agency in formulating plans for the development of BARMM, Ali said they usually coordinate with other agencies.

We are calling all key ministry offices so that we can sit down with them especially on  programs and projects that they need to do in line with the Bangsamoro Government's Development plan,” he added. 

He shared the DAPAT or Directives, Accomplishment, and Performance Assessment Tracking (DAPAT) as an initiative of the office.

The executive director said DAPAT has become a platform in doing assessment on various ministries and offices within the Bangsamoro government.

“Through this initiative, we were able to know where the agency is in terms of implementing their respective programs and projects funded under the block grant whether that is 2020 appropriation or 2021,” he explained.

Ali said, “Being formerly known as the Bangsamoro Assessment on Government Operations (BAGO), the DAPAT Meeting was established through OCM Memorandum Order No. 045, s. 2019 which aims to assess and ensure the funds earmarked for each project and program through the submitted physical and financial accomplishment reports containing detailed information on the progress of projects implemented and activities undertaken.”

He said that consisting the assessment panel members are BARMM Cabinet Secretary Mohd Asnin K. Pendatun, Ministry of Finance, Budget and Management (MFBM), and Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority (BPDA).

He also shared the other initiative they launched, the Bangsamoro Development Tracker undertaken with the help of the United Nations Development Program. “We call it dash board,” he said.

Through this technology, he said they are able to track the status of the projects and programs of the ministries.

The Post-Peace Summit Maguindanao’s conflict-affected areas that was conducted by their office last May  2021 which he mentioned resulted to have a concrete action to support and address the security concerns and promotion of peace especially in the case of SPMS Box.

He underscored the vital role of accredited Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Bangsamoro Economic Development Council which has currently 15 members of which five came from the private sector.
When asked on the importance of BPDA in attaining Moral Governance, Ali said, “Our role in the BPDA is very curial, we are the first to lead on what each of our agencies- ministries and offices that we have in the BARMM government want to happen."

“We are focused on our proposed programs so that we can meet those objectives under our development plan. With that, we will make sure that our Moral Government policy is put in place because that is something that will ensure in the long run - how we will be able to see the concrete implementation of our programs and projects,” Ali said.

Ali ended his message by stating that they will continue the mandates given to BPDA. He added that they usually engaged in partnership with the private sector and that with the extension, they will be able to fulfill what they laid down in the development plan.

“Thus the people will enjoy their services,” he said.