Photos courtesy of EAI-Philippines

Equal Access International – Philippines congratulates Moros with special, distinctive awards

Equal Access International (EAI) – Philippines and the OURmindaNOW family congratulated four (4) Moro individuals who recently received distinctive awards for their contributions to peace-building in Mindanao.
The four awardees are Nishreen Hashim, Raydan Tangwayan, Bangsamoro Youth Commission Nasserudin Dunding.

Hashim is a Grand Champion of the Bangsamoro Peace Champion 2021 awarded by BARMM’s Ministry of Public Order and Safety (MPOS).  He is one of the EAI-Philippines’ Peace Promotion Fellowship alumna from its pioneering batch in 2019 and has actively campaign on preventing and countering violent extremism.

Tangwayan is one of the UNESCO Club’s 2021 Outstanding Young Professional in the Philippines. He is EAI’s Tech Camp alumnus from the UP2Youth Project in 2019 and the composer and voice behind the OURmindaNOW jingle.

Commissioner Dunding is also one of UNESCO Club’s 2021 Outstanding Young Professional in the Philippines and a member of OURmindaNOW’s Kutawato Regional Messaging Hub through the Bangsamoro Youth Commission. The young commissioner is one of EAI’s prime partners in youth empowerment in the Bangsamoro region.

EEAI-Philippines cited the awardees for being models in their communities and the Bangsamoro autonomous region.

The organization is an international non-profit organization supporting vulnerable countries and communities to drive social change by providing critically needed information and education through combining interactive media programming. (Source: EAI-Philippines)