In photo- BCN President, Emran G. Mohamad and BCN Member of Board Trustees, Sheikh Mohammad Jamil Esmael,

BCN conveys contributions for the Bangsamoro people, BARMM gov’t

COTABATO CITY (January 2, 2022) — The President and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Bangsamoro Communication Network, Inc. (BCN) has talked about its contributions to Call and Guidance, Peace Process, Unity and Reconciliation in the Bangsamoro during the 35th episode of Bangsamoro Multimedia Network (BMN) Inc. “Kaunlaran sa Bangsamoro” Teleradyo Program last Thursday, December 30, 2021.
BCN President, Emran G. Mohamad and BCN Member of Board Trustees, Sheikh Mohammad Jamil Esmael, introduced the BCN to the viewers.
“The Bangsamoro Communication Network was established in 2012. We have our Bangsamoro leaders that helped us think about on how we could reach the communities in terms of information; the right information, correct information, and timely information,” Mohamad said.
“We made an environmental scanning and we saw that the Bangsamoro need to be supported so that they could understand slam better,  that what we call spiritual development. That’s why they continued Da’wah sa Kawang-kawangan (Da’wah on the Air) has their first objective,” he narrated.
The BCN head said that their second objective is Islamic brotherhood, third is the humanitarian services and emergency response and fourth is the strengthening political awareness of the communities.
According to Mohamad, BCN informed the communities on the progress of the peace process particularly about the signed peace agreements.
“Then ‘how do we help to make people understand?’ that’s the direction of the BCN when we established it in 2012,” he further related.
“We convey those things that we read about the negotiation of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Government of Philippines to our fellows in the Bangsamoro Communication Network,” he said.
The BCN leader explained why they chose a two-way radio as their means of communicating to the people is because it is affordable and available, effective, and timely.
BCN have 80 chapters and more or less thirty-five thousand members. The network has chapters in Lanao Del Norte, Lanao Del Sur, Wa-o, Bukidnon, and North Cotabato and other communities in mainland Mindanao.
According to Mohamad, BCN is legally operating and those involved with radicalism, violent extremism, or any group related to terrorism are not allowed to become members.
“We promote Halal industry, Halal livelihood, Halal economy. So it’s also not allowed if he has a background or if he has illegal business. We announced beforehand that someone who has involvement on drug related business or usage is not allowed to join BCN,” he added.
He has elaborated that the BCN is open for everyone, for professionals, common people, and other sectors, however, they require the presence of Ulama as provider of spiritual guidance in every chapter.
“The CSOs’ engagement to the government should be constructive and strategic. The CSOs will help to gain the peace we want, the progressive peace in the Bangsamoro,” he stated as he reflect on the LBO 6th General Assembly.
Mohamad said that the implication of the thousands of people who attended the general assembly demonstrated the desire of the people or the CSOs to hear the updates in the BARMM and they also wanted to know what they could do to help the government.
He added that the third implication was the transparent trust and obedience of the CSOs for their leaders given the short period of time for the announcement of the assembly.
Mohamad also discuss their humanitarian services for needy members of the community and the conduct socio- economic development to promote self-reliance.
BCN has an advocacy called Public Discourse Extension in which they let people understand of what is the contents of BOL, what is the current status of the BARMM, and why there is a need for extension.
Sheikh Jamil for his part mentioned of the Da’wah program of the BCN in which the BCN members and their family listens to everyday with given schedules of 7:30-9:00 PM and 5:00-6:00 AM.
As to the impact of the BCN’s program to their members, Mohammad said among those is the understanding of their fellow brothers better than before and able to reconcile their Rido (family feud) through the BCN’s brotherhood.
“Second great impact of the BCN to the community is informing the people on the grassroots of the services offered of the Bangsamoro government through their two-way radio,” he added.