In photo- Prof. Hashim B. Manticayan, President of the League of Bangsamoro Organizations

‘We have a government ready to listen to us’ - League of Bangsamoro Organizations

COTABATO CITY — Prof. Hashim B. Manticayan, President of the League of Bangsamoro Organizations said it boosts their morale having a government (Bangsamoro Government) that is ready to listen to them during the 34th episode of Kaunlaran sa Bangsamoro hosted by Bangsamoro Multimedia Network (BMN) Inc. on Tuesday, December 28, 2021.
“Even personally, it boosts the morale in which we have a government ready to listen to us, the Bangsamoro government. No matter what our concerns they listen, and do what they can do. This could be a push factor to different Civil Society Organizations and I think not only the LBO, but even other Civil Society Organizations to make steps that could help our government,” Manticayan said.
Manticayan guested the show to talk about the LBO 6th General Assembly.
“Organization of the organizations. It’s a conglomeration of 343 member organizations and there are more than 200 about to approved by the Supreme Council so a total of more than 500. It is from different sectors such as professionals, women, youth, transport group, communication, and so on and so forth,” the LBO head disclosed.
He also shared the organizations’ current status in terms of roadmap and disclosed, “Why we organize LBO is to promote this unity in support to the promotion of peace so when it comes to where we are then we’ve come quite far already. The vision of the LBO is to have this single society of Bangsamoro organizations.”
Discussing about the 6th General Assembly, he explained, “This is an annual program as stated in the by-laws of the LBO that there should be a general assembly every year.”
“The Day 1 or the kickoff part of the assembly started last Saturday, December 25, 2021 where the twenty nine (29) key officers, officers of the special organ of the LBO, and partners were invited. Day 2 also happened last Sunday, December 26, 2021 where every organizations has three (3) representatives. Day 3 and the final day of the General Assembly was scheduled on Thursday, December 30, 2021,” he said.
Prof. Manticayan said that the LBO leadership is transparent, consultative, and collective.
“The objectives of the assembly are to update the member organizations about the current status of the LBO, make revision, amendments, or addendum in the Constitution and By-laws then the assembly is the perfect time to discuss such and third is the election of officers,” he said.
“In day one and two, ways forward will be discussed on how the CSOs will be useful to the government and to our community which is why the highlight of the event is the presence of the government key officials,” Manticayan said.
“The General Assembly of the LBO is the highest governing body of the LBO no matter what the officials of the organization wants if the general assembly disagree then they can’t do anything about it,” he said.
Manticayan has expressed the expected results from the 6th General Assembly is, “We hope that it could further push the interest of our members to cooperate, attend, and actively participate to all the promotions of the League of Bangsamoro Organizations because they could already witness that the government is listening to them, in fact they’re attending and welcoming us.”