Bangsamoro Supports Leni for Justice and Peace’ conveys support to VP Leni’s presidential bid

COTABATO CITY – The Bangsamoro Supports Leni for Justice and Peace (BSLJP) conveyed its support for Vice President (VP) Leni Robredo who is running for President of the Philippines in a press conference held at the Pasigan Compound, this town, on Saturday, February 19, 2022.

Answering the question of what they saw at VP Leni that is lacking in other candidates, Dhats Sangkula, Co-Convenor of BSLJP, said that among the characteristics of VP Leni are having the integrity, strong stance, never been linked to corruption and spotless of blood in her hands.

Ustadh Abdulhadi Daguit, BSLJP spokesperson, also said VP Leni's advantage over other candidates is that she cares for the Bangsamoro people, has a heart to help the poor, and sides with the oppressed to achieve their respective rights.

When asked how to persuade the Bangsamoro people to support VP Leni, Atty. Marry Ann M. Arnado said that it is important to choose the next president who is capable of continuing the peace agreement between the National Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), will continue the unfinished business just like Transitional Justice, amnesty issue, normalization of conflict affected areas, and to end the decommissioning of Bangsamoro Mujahiden veterans.

Arnado added that they have seem VP Leni to respect the provisions stipulated in the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro or CAB.

BSLJP further urged the public to choose a leader who has a heart, is steadfast in his duties and has a stand.

On Sunday, February 28, the Bangsamoro Youth for Leni (BYL) will also host a public lunch to be held at the Gymnasium, near Sultan Hassnal Bolkiah Masjid, Kalanganan 2, Cotabato City and on March 18, it is expected that VP Lobredo will be scheduled her visit in the City of Cotabato.