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“We can’t support a candidate who’ll bring back past horrors”- MP Iqbal

Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao- In his privilege speech during Thursday’s Bangsamoro Transition Authority Parliament session, Minister of Education Mohagher Iqbal said that the Bangsamoro government should be united in choosing a worthy candidate for president — one that would not let people suffer past atrocities.
In an Inquirer.Net report on March 17, MP Iqbal said, “Collectively, we should once again be one body for a single cause of choosing a worthy candidate for the position of President of the Republic of the Philippines: a candidate who will preserve and defend the Bangsamoro cause.” 

“A candidate who will assure that our women and children will not suffer the atrocities of the past, and instead wake up to a bright and colorful future brought about by living in a peaceful, harmonious, and developed community,”Inquirer.Net quoting Iqbal telling members of the parliament.

“The Bangsamoro government should not back a candidate who has the attitude not to honor the sacrifices of the Moro people”, Iqbal added.

“In the same breath, we cannot support a candidate who will bring back the horrors of the past, or not honor the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters […] We should choose a president who is a friend of the Bangsamoro people,” he noted.

.Iqbal went further to say that he does not think the Bangsamoro government as a whole would release an endorsement.