Photo courtesy of Amin Agkat

UNYPAD-GSKP chapter holds Ramadhan Islamic Symposium

GEN. SK PENDATUN – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) General Salipada K. Pendatun GSKP Chapter under Maguindanao Cluster lll conducted Ramadhan Islamic Symposium on April 14, 2022 at Hadji Datu Abubakar K. Pendatun National High School,  Barangay Panosolen, this town.
The activity was realized through the collaboration with the high school teachers, junior and senior high school  students and students of Markadz Shuaib Lithfids Qur' anil Kareem.

There were around 300 plus participants who attended the activity coming from different sectors.

UNYPAD provincial officers headed by Ahmad Musa, represented by Ami Angkat, the Vice chairman For External affairs, were present in the event.

Alhafiz Muhager Mimbida opened the program by reading of verse from the Holy Qur'an.

The school principal of Hadji Datu Abubakar K. Pendatun NHS give her message and welcomed the participants. She was grateful for the support to the activity.

Ustadz Ahmad Maminto, Modeer Ul Massageed, was the lecturer. He emphasized the importance of fasting and minding the virtues of Ramadhan.

He further elaborated the physical and spiritual benefits of fasting and urged the participants to bear in mind the virtues Ramadhan brings to the Muslim ummah.

Ustadz Nasrudin Guiama, Islamic Studies and Arabic Literacy teacher and member of Committee on Da'wah of UNYPAD National was the second speaker.

 He discussed the dos and don’ts of fasting and hinted the participants on others acts that can be done during Ramadhan like praying Tahajud, meditating, repenting, providing Iftar to the needy and giving charity. 

According to Guiama, the month of Ramadhan is an opportunity for the youth and they should take advantage to do good deeds while still having healthy condition.