Chief Minister Ebrahim presents the accomplishments of BARMM Government during the inauguration ceremony of BTA 2022-2025

COTABATO CITY – BARMM Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim, Al-haj presented the accomplishments of the Bangsamoro government before the inaugural ceremony of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) 2022-2025 graced by President Ferdinand “Bong Bong” R. Marcos, Jr. on Thursday, September 15, 2022 at Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex, Bangsamoro Government Center in Cotabato City. 
Ebrahim said in his opening statement: “Just like what we did three (3) years ago during the inauguration of the BTA, we once again take oath, our Oath of Moral Governance as symbol of our renewed commitment to dutifully finished the transition period.” 

Ebrahim have put emphasis to the collective efforts and significant milestones achieved so far for the first three years of transitional government. 

The BTA he said has enacted 31 laws which includes the three priority codes, Bangsamoro Administrative Code, Bangsamoro Civil Service Code, and the Bangsamoro Education Code. 

In addition, he presented a statistical data result given by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) BARMM which contains the achievement of the government of the day in reducing poverty incidence among Bangsamoro families, “from 55.9% in 2018 it had decreased to 29.8% in year 2021.

He said that BARMM garnered second fastest growing region in the country with a percentage of 7.5% increase in economy and as well as, reaped the highest growth in terms of value of production in agriculture and fisheries about to 7.2% last year.

Moreover, achievements continued from growing investments within the BARMM region; employment opportunities for its people, establishing different kind of infrastructures, government facilities, school buildings, scholarships, and many more.

Chief Minister Ebrahim said that despite the significant accomplishments achieved, there are still transition challenges that are needed to overcome. 

Ebrahim, took the opportunity to extend his gratitude to the President of the Republic Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. 

“During the extended transition period, Mr. President, let me once again express our sincerest gratitude for heading the call of the Bangsamoro people that the provisions of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro, the Bangsamoro Organic Law, and the BTA Extension Law be preserved particularly in the composition and leadership of the transition authority,” Chief Minister Ebrahim said. 

Ebrahim also announced the filing of more than twenty (20) cabinet bills, and other important legislation once the formal session of the parliament starts. 

“Rest assured Mr. President that we will complete all the remaining transition priorities and finish setting up a government not only ready for a peaceful and orderly election in 2025, but also a government capable of continuing the transformation of the BARMM into a progressive and responsive region, in shaa Allah,” (If Allah wills). 
Ebrahim also the Chairman of Moro Islamic Liberation Front updated President Marcos Jr., of their programs such as consultations with stakeholders and important players in the Bangsamoro on the Transition of MILF. 

“The leadership of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front reached out our brethren from the Moro National Liberation Front as we vow to work together for a united Bangsamoro in hindsight as our respective journey would show, we may have had differences in terms of strategies and means, but at the end of the day, we are bound by our common goal and ultimately our faith,” he conveyed.

“The peace process started during your father’s time and it would be a fitting end to this long journey if we could complete the process during your administration,” said Ebrahim.

After the oath taking, President Marcos Jr. took over and congratulated the BTA 2022-2025. 

“To the Bangsamoro Transition Authority, we would not have witnessed this glorious, unfolding of history without you. We set our feet before this place and herald the triumphs that you have won through courage, certainty, and noble bravery. The diverse representation now of the BTA speaks volumes of your answer towards that call for unity, of shared responsibility, and the invitation to advocate peace and development in the Bangsamoro region,” President Marcos enunciated.

“No matter how impressive the gains that the Bangsamoro have already seen, I always think this is just the beginning,” Marcos Jr. said. 

“As time goes by and the formalization of structures and institutionalization of functions continue more efficiencies will come in and that, what the Bangsamoro had celebrated right now is just a glimpse of something big in the future,” Marcos said. 

“I look forward to the fulfillment of your vision, to realize a united, enlightened, self-governing, peaceful, just, morally-upright, and progressive Bangsamoro,” he added. 

“As your President, I assure you the BTA and all the Bangsamoro people of this administrations’ full and unwavering commitment to the peace process and to BARMM,” he said as commitment to support the Bangsamoro peace processes. 

President Marcos Jr., emphasized his commitment to the peace process to pursue for “Socio- economic development, interventions to promote peace and development in areas affected by decades of conflict.”

As part of it was the budget given to BARMM for the next fiscal year 2023, “additionally, the government, through the Department of Budget and Management has allocated 74.4 Billion pesos for the Bangsamoro Region Fiscal Year 2023.” 

President Marcos conveyed that in order to deliver the commitment to the people of BARMM, he urged the BTA to pass all the crucial legislation, “Particularly Taxation and to facilitate the conduct of the elections in the BARMM in 2025. I also encourage the BTA to pass measures that will secure the welfare of the Bangsamoro people particularly in agriculture and fishery, healthcare, transportation, communication, digital infrastructure, and e-governance.”

“The path to lasting peace is always under-construction, but we walk this path together and we walk it not because it is an easy one. We walk this path together because even if it is difficult, we know that at the end of the journey, is historical justice, progress, peace, stability, and a unity that our peoples in our nation have long aspired for and so rightly deserved,” Marcos Jr., said.