Barangay Pinol, Maitum celebrates the 3rd Badak Festival

The people of Barangay Pinol, Maitum, Sarangani Province celebrated its 3rd Badak Festival on October 4-5, 2022 with the theme "So Kapag isa-isa andu Kalilintad na Sigay Kanu Dalpa (Unity and peace are the light of the community)."
The celebration is one of the barangay-based festivals of Maitum aimed at showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the diverse people of barangay Pinol.

The festivity started with a coastal clean-up drive participated in by volunteers. It highlighted the importance of caring for and preserving the environment, particularly the coastal area.

The community members showcased their different variations of "ginatan ‘a badak," a traditional recipe of young jackfruit cooked in rich coconut milk with native chicken.

The Moro constituency of Pinol as well as other barangays of its adjacent municipality, Palimbang, are famous for this traditional main dish commonly served to visitors and during kanduli.

The festivity also included the showcase of different Moro traditional delicacies such as tinadtag, kumokunsi, panyalam, bulwa, and panganan.
Locals and visitors wore their traditional Malong, Maguindanaon’s Inaul and Maranao’s Landap.

There were also renditions of traditional Kulintangan music by the local performers.

Organizers look forward to more visitors to witness next year the 4th Badak Festival. The annual festivity started in 2018 however it was suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to pandemic.