MP Iqbal files bill in BTA Parliament creating Bangsamoro Regional Institute for Higher Islamic Studies

Member of the BTA Parliament Mohagher Iqbal has delivered his authorship speech on the BTA-Parliament Bill No. 31, entitled “An Act Creating the Bangsamoro Regional Institute for Higher Islamic Studies, Repealing Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act No. 164, Otherwise known as the Regional Madrasah Graduate Education Act of 2003, Providing Funds Therefor, and for other Purposes" during the Session No. 9 of the First regular session of the BTA Parliament at SKCC on November 21, 2022.
The BTA-Parliament Bill No. 31 seeks to strengthen the current Islamic education through the development of modules and academic materials that incorporate the Bangsamoro people’s identity, history, culture, and aspirations. It shall guarantee financial stability and permanency that will enable the Bangsamoro Islamic scholars, Asatids, and Ulama to compete in the professional platform of the modern world. Integrating the Bangsamoro Islamic studies into the national and international standards of education through the Madaris institutions shall create productive citizens of Islamic values and principles that truly reflect the BARMM ’s oath of moral governance. 

 ”Education is not a privilege, it is a right …for us Muslims and in accordance with the teachings of Islam, every person or authority has to protect the rights of others, even if these are unaware of their rights and do not claim them.. recognizing and protecting the rights of human beings is a moral obligation other that being a necessity in moral governance,’ Iqbal said.

 Under Section 8, Article IX of RA 11054, the Bangsamoro Government shall provide, maintain, and ensure the delivery of basic and responsive quality education.

The BTA-Parliament Bill No. 31 is on its second reading and is consequently being referred to the Committee of Finance. Budget, and Management and the Committee of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education.