LGU Gensan shares with Moro traditional, religious leaders its program for Muslim constituents

The Local Government Unit of General Santos City, through the City Mayor’s Office-Integrated Cultural Communities Affairs Division (CMO-ICCAD), shared with Moro traditional and religious leaders who joined the Muslim Visioning Conference its programs and projects benefitting the Muslim constituents of the city held at Sydney Hotel in General Santos City on December 31, 2022.
The event, participated by Ulama and Kadatuan from Maguindanao, Lanao and Island Provinces, was hosted by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos led by Secretary Atty. Guiling Mamondiing. Selected Moro professionals and members of the academe were also invited. 

"LGU General Santos City implements programs that are responsive to the needs and cultural sensitivity of our Muslim constituents," said CMO-ICCAD Division Chief Jocelyn Lambac-Kanda, a Shari’a counselor.

The activity was aimed to hear issues and concerns affecting the Muslim Filipinos as well as draw recommendations from the conference participants.  It would serve as a guide for the NCMF in enhancing its program implementation for Muslim Filipinos in general.

Present at the event were Secretary Momondiong. He was joined by NCMF Commissioners, namely Yusoph J. Mando, Dalisay N. Macadawan, Samer M. Allong, Datu Ras A. Lidasan, Jr., and Jamal M. Munib representing the Ulama sector.

Lambac-Kanda mentioned the Shari’a Atas Bitiara Project, a mechanism for conflict resolution facilitated by mediators comprised of Ulama, Shari’a counselors, and Kadatuan (traditional leaders).
"Shari’a Atas Bitiara was institutionalized through city ordinance number 55 series of 2018," she narrated.

The presenter added, "Since 2019, we were able to solve more than three hundred cases free of charge, thus, our clients are able to save thousands of pesos unlike when they file their cases to the courts."

Lambac-Kanda also related the Madaris for Peace Project, wherein the city government has been providing a monthly honorarium amounting to five thousand pesos to 184 Madrasah teachers.
At present, there are fifty-four (plural for madrasah) in 15 barangays of the city catering to more than 4,000 madrasah pupils.

CMO-ICCAD also hosts the annual city-wide Musabaqa, or intramurals, where the learners participate in academic and sports competitions. 

Under the Madaris project, CMO-ICCAD also provides Madrasah teachers with continuous capability training, such as lesson-plan making and classroom management trainings.
Other projects of the ICCAD include the Halal Industry Development Project, Cemetery Development Project, and Peace Education and Alliance-Building for Community Empowerment, or PEACE Project.